Photo by Noelle Renee Jarvis

Detroit-born singer, songwriter, and musician, Anthony Retka, has spent the last fifteen years writing and performing music that has helped etch his place in the Detroit music scene.  He has toured the United States with notable stops in Nashville, St. Louis, Chicago and New York.   Anthony has independently released four solo studio records and two live solo albums alongside four full-length albums, a live double CD, and multiple EPs and Singles with his band, Tone & Niche.

Anthony recently released “Fields & Fortresses”, his most direct and expressive solo work to date.  The new album features the strong vocal styling and lyrical abilities that people have come to expect from Anthony’s recordings.  His band, Anthony Retka’s Big Parade, backs him up on the new release and the album also features a few special guest appearances by notable Detroit-area musicians.   *Photo by Noelle Renee Jarvis

Photo by Natalie Nobel

Anthony Retka’s Big Parade is an ever-changing lineup of talented friends and guest performers such as Kate Hinote, Emily Rose, Nicole Varga, Ian Lee Lamb, Dave Martin, and Drew Schultz, to name a few, coming together to sing, play, and record with Anthony.  The core of Big Parade currently includes Kelly Tuscherer on backup vocals, Aaron Tuscherer on mandolin, Nate Brent on guitar, Alex Wildner on bass, and Carson Morton on drums.  Anthony Retka’s Big Parade has been playing out around the Detroit-area since 2014. 




Local songwriter Anthony Retka’s heart has always been on his sleeve, going back more than a decade ago with Americana/folk projects like Tone & Niche. With Fortresses, his mind and his musings are both exceedingly more observant of the human condition with a weary voice melodically threaded to slow a pulse or percolate some goosebumps. There’s often a raging storm inside of Retka, but emotional torrent never sounded so sweet.  – Jeff Milo // Ferndale Friends/Deep Cuts   *Photo by Wesley Retka


Fields & Fortresses accelerates from the somber suites into fully electric, foot-tapping rockers like “The Other Side,” with its crackling guitars and hearty vocal intonations. “Don’t Know How” may be one of his most endearing song to date, with its intricate guitar arrangement, its ear worm zig-zag melody through the chorus, and its earnest poetics sewn into his signature lovelorn-philosophic protagonists confessions. When he gets to the quavering lilt of that lyric “…a love song can be made of anything…,” …be ready. And then there’s “Fading In The Light,” with its reverb-soaked vocals and jangly, throwback rock ‘n’ roll riffs and snappy rhythms. , swelling into a commiserating singalong strengthened by the rich harmonies of backup vocals.”   – J. Milo, Deep Cutz [deepcutzmusic.blogspot.com] Download Fields & Fortresses on Bandcamp and iTunes!

“Anthony uses an immaculate blend of great songwriting, vocals, and guitar. He plays melodic numbers with full vocals and introspective lyrics, many of which are about love. Retka is a master of dynamics, moving between rich, strong heavy guitar bits and gentle, barely-there strumming. The diversity of his octaves is astounding; he conjures images of Radiohead one moment and Jeff Buckley the next.”  – Springfed Artists

“Anthony is a true singer/songwriter – he never stops writing. One of the more poignant vocalists in Detroit. His easygoing acoustics cut to the heart, mingling with looped electrics full of yearning yarns and confessional ballads.”  J. Milo – Real Detroit Weekly